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Single Cloud Nine Arctic Blue Plush

Cloud Nine Arctic Blue Plush Single

Turn-Free Pillow-Top cooling Blue-Gel intelligent sleep technology.

• Luxurious soft touch micro quilted knitted jacquard ticking
• Luxurious high density Visco-Elastic, Cool Blue Gel Memo-Flex and buoyant Polyurethane foam layers
• High density reconstituted foam posture support core
• Memory foam ventilation system
• Zero movement transfer
• Hygienic and non-toxic & Allergy free

The Cloud Nine Arctic Blue Plush is a turn-free pillow top mattress with a luxurious soft micro quilted knitted jacquard ticking. With a high density visco-elastic, cool blue gel memory foam and bouyant polurethane foam layers. The Cloud Nine Ultimate has a high density reconstituted foam posture support core and a memory foam ventilation system. The Cloud Nine Blue Plush forms part of Cloud Nine’s Arctic Blue range and offers zero movement transfer and is completely hygienic, non-toxic and allergy free.

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